PSK Trammune Helps Support Your Immune System

PSK Trammune – Trametes Versicolor Medicinal Mushroom Extract

AUST L 128882

Australian Owned and Australian Made

Medicinal Mushrooms have been widely used for centuries throughout Asia. The most famous of these is Coriolus versicolor also known as Trametes versicolor, Yun Zhi, Kawatake or Turkey Tail.

PSK Trammune® contains a medicinal extract derived from this ancient healing mushroom. The extract from this mushroom has been successfully used for centuries to help restore, protect and build the body’s inner health & maintain wellbeing.

PSK or Polysaccharide-K is the immunotherapeutic agent extracted from the mushroom cell walls of Trametes versicolor. It is part of a class of Immunomodulators known as ‘biological response modifiers’ which stimulate the body’s immune function. PSK’s ability to enhance cellular immune function and stimulate the immune system helps the body maintain correct balance between cellular & humoral immunity.

This active constituent is a proteoglycan concentrate containing different monosaccahrides (sugar-like molecules) bound to a core protein. This complex structure confers the medicinal benefits of PSK.

PSK Trammune® is sold in bottles of 90 capsules and contains PURE CONCENTRATED PSK EXTRACT. The pure extract should not be confused with the amount of raw mushroom from which the extract is derived. Each porcine-free capsule contains Trametes versicolor proteoglycan concentrate 500mg (a pure standardized extract) with no mycelium biomass or ground mushrooms used as fillers.

PSK Trammune® can be purchased from Go Vita Health Food Stores, Selected Pharmacies, Naturopaths, Herbal Retailers and Healthcare Professionals.

Contact our Customer Service Team for more information:

Ph: 02 94187300 Fax: 02 94187304


Trammune® brand of PSK has been listed on the ARTG (Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods) AUST L 128882 and, in order to ensure potency and purity, every batch of PSK Trammune® is tested using a highly sophisticated analytical “fingerprint” method which is registered with the TGA to make sure that the active ingredient remains constant. What does that mean for you? High quality concentrated PSK extract in every capsule – every time!

“Take care of your Inner Health & Wellbeing Today for a Healthier Tomorrow”



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